Artistic and cultural expression assumes many shapes and forms in the Saint-Sauveur Valley. Do you yearn for music, theatre, painting, dance or heritage? You’ll find all you need to stimulate your mind and stir your heart!

Arts and Culture for all Creative Spirits!

Comedy shows, concerts and singing and dance performances grace stages in the Valley. Mounted year round, they do the region proud. George-Filion Park also welcomes visitors free of charge for invigorating musical treats. As for the Saint-Sauveur Arts Festival, it has been an absolute must for 30 years and counting!

An array of art galleries enhances the artistic landscape throughout. Abstract or figurative painting, contemporary sculpture and other visual treasures are on display to enthuse admirers. Moreover, the two museums in the area abound with passion… inspiring for all!

Pertaining to heritage, the Saint-Sauveur Valley is replete with historically significant buildings, a picturesque church and the engagingly authentic Main Street experience of its rue Principale. An interpretive heritage trail is available on BaladoDécouverte. Guided along on this accessible and dynamic tour, the heart of the village won’t be keeping any secrets from you!

Off the Beaten Path

The Saint-Sauveur Valley is interlaced by a unique tourism circuit! As it meanders through the Laurentians, the Route des Belles-Histoires pauses at Saint-Sauveur and Piedmont. The circuit relates the region’s historical roots in forestry, agriculture and tourism through interpretive signs, museums, plaques and heritage buildings. Follow the circuit and revisit the early days of settlement in the Valley!