Being Active and Relaxing Outdoors

When summer comes to the Saint-Sauveur Valley, the weather and the landscapes are so gorgeous that there’s no resisting the urge to head outdoors. Whether you’re a golfer, hiker, cyclist or water sports enthusiast, nature beckons you to enjoy.


Golfers will watch their balls take flight into breathtaking mountain scenery. Hikers will walk for hours along trails developed for beginners and experts. And every time, the beauty of the expansive panorama in the open air will further enrich the experience.

Cyclists will ride along trails that stretch kilometre after kilometre, bringing a picnic lunch and contemplating the natural beauty. Whereas those who prefer to stay in one place can make the most of recreational facilities and even enjoy table tennis under the sun!

Lovers of activities in and on the water will also find plenty to enjoy. Water slides, pedal boats, kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming are all on the menu. For those eager to be on the move and getting exercise, canopying in the forest will provide their invigorating pleasure.

The three local wellness centres will await such energetic visitors with open arms. And others too! Relaxing at the spa, or with a massage, a dip in the river or under the forest canopy in the open air are all moments of respite to be prized in the Valley.

Stroll & Be Dazzled

The Saint-Sauveur Valley has always been appreciated for its unique cachet. It is interlaced by charming streets with something to see at every turn and you can stroll for hours … or days. If you like walking from one boutique to the next to soak up the atmosphere, you’ll enjoy it here.

Picturesque, pretty and flowery, the Valley promises delightful artistic and cultural discoveries, such as original souvenirs to bring home. In the boutiques, local products adorn the shelves and a variety of items are offered: decorations, books, clothes, antiques, stones and crystals, tableware and more.

In the heart of the village and in the parks, shows of every stripe are also presented. Do you love music, dance, comedy and theatre? You can choose from an embarrassment of riches. Entertainment sets the beat in the heart of the Valley all summer long! Many special events grace the stages here, including the famous Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur, which has had people on the edge for their seats for 30 years and counting.

Sectors of Interest

Taste, Eat & Savour

Gastronomy whets appetites throughout the Saint-Sauveur Valley. It has pleased so many palates that word of mouth continues to spread. Boasting over a hundred restaurants, the region is known for embracing multicultural flavours. Inspired by numerous world cuisines, while also giving pride of place to local cuisine, menus invite diners to explore new culinary experiences or delight in your favourite family meals.

In every season, the Valley offers a gourmet adventure. In summer, the atmosphere at open-air terraces is electric. Lights, fountains, parasols and good company are the not-so-secret recipe for a fabulous evening you’ll want to repeat time after time.

The Valley’s open-air terrace scene

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