Contemplate the Great Outdoors

Picture yourself in a valley bordered by yellow, orange and red mountains. See yourself crisscrossing its breadth on foot or on a bike. In fall, the Saint-Sauveur Valley is a true gem.


Hikers will marvel at the trails traversing the Valley. From a few kilometres to over 180 kilometres long, they are ablaze with a palette of such colourful flamboyance that it gives the impression the sun is shining on all sides.

The cool air will invigorate you to walk further and venture onto the bed of the former ski train, transformed into a popular trail. You can leapfrog from one inn to the next (with or without baggage transport) feeling the leaves crunch underfoot and catching their scent in the air.

Scaling the mountains to admire the vista from above is another of the place’s special treats. The view is so stunning you will want to remember it forever. Photographing the fall colours in the Valley can be a pastime for a day that endures over the years!

Cyclists in turn will find this the perfect season to roll under the gleaming crimson canopy. The cooler temperatures stimulate both contemplation and effort, blending enjoyment with healthful benefit… or simply piling pleasure upon pleasure!

At the mountain summit, the amusement park rides keep spinning around as the colours change in turn. In the village core, a heritage circuit contributes to both knowledge and enjoyment. Further back, the spa resorts simmer their baths to warm and soothe you. And all around, fall leaves aplenty are yours to make piles and jump in!

In the Valley, autumn abounds with colours, scents and contentment.

Interior Enchantments

Autumn is also a season given to discovering the little pleasures available indoors. The Saint-Sauveur Valley’s numerous restaurants and boutiques contribute to its reputation.

Over a hundred restaurants serving regional and world cuisine and boutiques, each with its special charm, are located here. Sipping a coffee before the spectre of the colourful mountains or combing through the outlets for bargains before winter sets in may be just the thing to make your stay even more memorable.

There is no shortage of art galleries either, as well as cultural and special activities. Do you care to linger a while longer? Throughout the fall, all sorts of shows hit the stage, with heart-warming song, theatre at dusk and other entertainment enlivening the evenings.

Halloween fun and special events also make for cheerful days.

Sectors of Interest

Stock Your Shelves

Harvest time is here. The Valley’s streets are spilling over with plenty! Explore them to stock up on surprises and practical accessories for the upcoming winter season.

The Saint-Sauveur Valley is not only the place for commercial products, but also for local products worth their weight in gold. The good and the beautiful are at your fingertips, with something for all budgets! Stock up on candy and chocolate provisions for Halloween, local produce for canning and preserves, or books, CDs and games to challenge your mind. Make sure to do the rounds of the stores and boutiques that tempt you the most. You’ll definitely be rewarded with finds. In the Valley, all tastes are cultivated!

Local and regional products in the Valley

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