Walking, running, admiring heritage treasures or even tasting local Quebec products along a recreational trail are all possibilities!

Energizing both Summer and Winter

In the summer months, golf enthusiasts will be delighted to play in a verdant panorama punctuated with stunning rock formations. As for hikers and cyclists, they can venture forth on developed trails and a marked circuit over 200 km long to immerse in nature.

Do you prefer water sports and activities? Plunge into well-being or opt for exhilarating fun on the water slides, at the beach, or on a pedal boat, kayak or paddle board.

Winter in the Saint-Sauveur Valley also teems with activities. Renowned for skiing, the area features no less than five ski centres totalling 156 trails.  Also available are two tube sliding parks with a cabin to get toasty in a warm and convivial setting.

The ice and snow trails are sure to please skaters and snowshoe trekkers, whereas the cross-country skiing and fat bike trails incite winter lovers to immerse into nature’s grandiose splendour.

Off the Beaten Path

Saint-Sauveur is home to the only alpine winter rollercoaster in Quebec! Plummeting at 35 km/hr, the Viking course descends the flank of Mont Saint-Sauveur. Open summer and winter, this unique rollercoaster ride that almost grazes ground level will give you thrills you’ll still be talking about come spring!